Read Before You Re-Roof Your Mountain Home

A Letter from the Owner, Barbie Copp

Attention All Homeowners!

Please Read Before You Re-Roof Your Mountain Home

Do It Right The First Time!

I have been helping mountain homeowners with their new roof decisions since 1996. I strongly believe it is imperative that you choose a quality product and installation over the cheapest price. Here's why: The San Bernardino Mountains are a high wind area. We occasionally experience Category 3 Hurricane type weather. This means winds over 110 mph, with wind gusts getting up to 125 mph every winter. Please consider the following before you make your decision on material and your installer:

  1. Your composition shingles must have at least 6 nails per shingle, never less.
  2. Your installer must never use staples when installing an asphalt composition material.
  3. Your installer must never use regular roofing nails when installing a synthetic      
    polymeric resin type of material.
  4. Your installer must install the underlayment on top of the drip edge metal in all eave areas and under the drip edge in all rake areas.
  5. Never go without ice and water shield underlayment - this must be installed at the 
    most vulnerable areas of your roof.
  6. The bigger the metal drip edge the better the protection.
  7. Choose the best material you can afford.

If you plan to get three bids, don't just look at the prices.  Visit their jobsite and look at the quality of their workmanship too.  Are they installing according to manufacturer's specifications and our "Do It Right" list? 

We get violent storms.

We believe in the best... We believe in more nails... We believe in bigger metal...
We believe in all the extra's... and... We believe in giving you a 25 year labor warranty on GAF Roofing Products...!

We believe you need to make the best decision when it comes to protecting your home.
Let us help you!

Learn from the mistakes others have made.  We have seen it all: poorly installed roofs, roofs getting blown off, roofers going out of business, roofers that change their company name and blow in to our town only to disappear again, and inadequate materials for our hazardous weather.  We don't live in a climate with 'normal' weather conditions - your home takes a serious beating every season with 'EXTREME' weather conditions.

Please ask a lot of questions.  Myself or anyone in our office will be happy to answer them and explain all the options.  Together, we can make your new roof the last one you will need!