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Copp Roofing is a MAST Approved Contractor

Date: February 28, 2014

Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc. is an approved licensed contractor with theMountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST).Here is what else you need to know about the MAST Grant: The Wood Shake Shingle Roof Assistance Program:

If your structure has a wood shake/shingle roof and meets defensible space requirements (depending on the street location vs. boundary), you may be offered the opportunity to complete a wood shake/shingle roof program application

Applications for the Roof Replacement Program are limited to the properties identified on a prescreened list. Applications are available by contacting the MAST wood shake shingle roof replacement program.

Once FEMA completes its environmental review of the property, the owner will be notified of the next step in the process.

Replacement of wood shake/shingle roofs with a minimum "Class A" rated asphalt composition shingle roof or other approved non-organic material having a minimum 30 year warranty and under laid with a minimum 30 lb. felt material, replacement of spaced sheathing with solid sheathing, ice dams, drip edge, vent flashing, and non-ember intrusion vents.

Grant limitations apply.  The reimbursement shall not exceed 70% of the cost of the lowest bid for roof replacement.  The reimbursement shall not exceed $254.00 per square (100 sq. ft.).  The grant cannot exceed a maximum reimbursement amount of $4,500.00

MAST will maintain an "approved" list of licensed, qualified roofing contractors from which program participants can obtain three bids for the work to be completed.

After all conditions of the application process have been fulfilled, the property owner may be issued a "Notice to Proceed" by the Fire Department. Only reroofing work commenced AFTER the property owner receives a "Notice to Proceed" shall be eligible for reimbursement. The property owner will have three (3) months to complete authorized reroofing work.  The MAST organization and/or his/her designee shall "review and approve" or "review and deny" reimbursement based upon completeness of information submitted.  Allow 30 – 60 days for reimbursement.

For more information visit: www.thinisin.org/shake or call 1 (877) 771-2447

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