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Hero Program Reviewed by Copp Roofing Satisfied Customer

Date: September 26, 2014

The Hero Program is just one of our three great financing options. The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity allows homeowners to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes with a low interest, long term financing plan. 

Read what our satisfied customer, Amanda G. from Lake Arrowhead has to say about the program. 

How did you find out about the HERO Program? 
Through a friend, whose husband had signed up for the program.

What aspects of the HERO Program met your needs?
The fact that is was simple to understand, it is environmental friendly, and the interest rate was good.

What was the application process like?
Straightforward and simple.

What (if any) did your registered contractor, Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc. do to help with the application and program?
During the meeting, with Copp and the Hero Program, we had to finalize details and fill out paperwork, Copp had a large TV/computer screen on the wall with the application online that was also connected to the customer service from the Hero Program. This made it very easy to walk us through the process. The Hero Program representative was also on conference call to walk us through and answer any questions. It was a seamless, smooth process.

Why did you select the CertainTeed roofing product?
It was our choice of the approved, environmentally friendly products that needed to be used in order to accommodate the Hero Program stipulations.

Did the HERO Program meet or exceed your expectations?
Yes, it was simple and the price was right!

What is your favorite part about the HERO Program?
The interest rate and how convenient it was.

Do you anticipate lower energy bills or estimate an increase in the value of your home?

Would you recommend the HERO Program to your friends and neighbors?
Absolutely, I already have.

Are you completely satisfied with the HERO Program?

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