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Copp Roofing Installs Rain Gutters

Date: March 13, 2014

RainguttersThinking about adding rain gutters to your roofing contract?  "The Copps Got You Covered!"  Copp Roofing now installs raingutters.

Rain gutters add value to your home by increasing the resale value of your investment.  They can be installed on new roofs, re-roofs and roofs with at least a remaining 10 year life.  Our Roofing Consultant can help you determine the life of your roof and recommend the appropriate number of linear feet and ideal placement of your customized rain gutter system.

The proper installation of rain gutters helps to prevent water damage, one of the most disastrous and costly home repairs.  Water damage can cause mold, mildew, oxidation, dry rot and insect infestation.  Rain gutters also help to protect your home's foundation by channeling water away from its base.  They protect painted surfaces by reducing unnecessary exposure to water through splashing and dripping.  Additionally, they also help to reduce soil erosion and prevent leaks in basements and crawlspaces.  Properly placed rain gutter systems eliminate puddles around doorways and walkways helping to prevent slipping accidents for you and your family.

Our seamless aluminum rain gutters come in a wide variety of colors to compliment any home's exterior from painted wood and vinyl siding to wood shake, stucco and brick.

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