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Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc. Now Installs Ensoltis

Date: May 23, 2013

Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc. now installs Ensoltis, a Green Hybrid roofing product that is light weight, fire-safe and insulated.  Ensoltis was developed over a period of 8 years by a team dedicated to providing quality, energy efficient, and innovative products.  This amazing and beautiful product has a foam core, strengthened with a fiberglass mesh, and encased in concrete.  Ask us about how installing this roofing product may eliminate the need for additional insulation.

ENSOLTIS Check it out!

  • Meets or exceeds roofing lightweight standards. 
  • A finished roof with an average insulation value of R-6. (when overlaps are considered)
  • A roof covering that looks similar to solid cement or clay tiles.
  • Time tested weather-ability of cement or clay tiles.
  • Ideal for re-roofing of wood shake and asphalt shingle structures.

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